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ACD Real Time Displays Module                             Request Information / Demonstration

Allows ACD supervisors to monitor their agents and queues and receive real time statistics reflecting agent status (Logged In/Logged Out, Not Ready, Waiting for an ACD Call, On an ACD Call, and On a Personal Call). Supervisors can also monitor the status of up to 5 ACD queues and are able to pick up to 13 queue stat fields including Calls Waiting, Longest Wait Time, Average Speed of Answer, Number of Agents Logged In, and Number of Agents on ACD Calls etc. Drag and Drop functionality allows the supervisor to move agents between queues when the need arises. An agent banner application is also included which provides agents with a small 'ticker' window that provides several queue stats such as Calls Waiting, Longest wait Time and Number of Agents Logged In.

ACD Reporter Module                                         Request Information / Demonstration

The Reporter module allows supervisors to view and print historical queue and agent reports over any range of time needed (hourly, daily, monthly, yearly). Reports can be printed or exported into several popular formats including MS Excel, Adobe Acrobat PDF or MS Word. The system allows control so that each supervisor is only allowed to view queues and agents that have been assigned to them via their login credentials.

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